The grounds

The grounds of Cal Barbut have 120000 m² (12 ha) and is fully available to our guests. On the grounds our guests can enjoy relaxing moments on the numerous sitting areas in sun or shade. Or go exploring the botany of the woods and grass fields.


Trails for walking and biking

The area offers trails for walking and biking in abundance. Variations are many, both for shorter and longer trails. Below a few appetizers for trails to and from Cal Barbut:  

  • North to the village of Vallcebre: 12 km, 4 hours circular route
  • Cliff tops of Vallcebre: 17 km, 6-7 hours circular route (PR C-128)
  • Fumanya – Coll de la Vaca – Figols: 15 km, 5-6 hours circular route (PR C-73)
  • Climb La Gallina Pelada (the skinned chicken mountain) at 2317 m: 8 hours return
  • The mines in Sant Corneli: 12 km, 4 hours circular route
  • Peguera - Bonner – Feners, part of 'Cami dels Bons Homes': 10 hours circular route
  • Pedraforca twin peak mountain at 2491m. Climb from Saldes: 6 hours return. Or round the mountain 360° from Gósol: 17 km, 6 hours return

Long distance routes 
'The route of the good men', 'Cami dels Bons Homes', GR-107. A long distance route that can be done on foot or mountain bike. The route is 189 km from Berga to Montsegur. In the 13th and 14th century the Cathars escaped from France into the Catalan Pyrenees where they took refuge. Read more about the route. 

'Ruta de l’Ermitá'. Walking or biking route with focus on nature, ancient churches and monastaries. 100 km circular route and can be joined at Guaridola de Berguedá or la Pobla de Lillet.

'Cavalls del Vent', 'Horses of the Wind'. Walking (or running) route through the national park of Cadí-Moixeró. 82 km circular route in 8 stages from mountain hut to mountatin hut. High difference is 5200m. Lowest point 900m and highest 2500m.This route can be joined from Saldes.  

'La ruta de Caracremada' - Ramon Vila is 'Caracremada' (burnt face). He fought against Franco and is considered to be one of the last Catalan militant opposition. Circular walk, 5-6 days. The route can be joined 4 km from Cal Barbut (Peguera).


Places of interest 

  • Hall of Picasso. Picasso was attracted by the peaceful mountain village of Gósol, where he and Fernande Olivier spend the Spring of 1906 . The hall of Picasso has reproductions of his paintings from Gósol, paintings from Picasso´s Rose Period.
  • Gósol, ancient stone village, beautiful countryside. Marked day on Thursdays. (20 km, 30 min. by car).
  • Fonts de Llobregat: The source of the river Llobregat which divides Catalonia in two and enter the sea at Barcelona (near Castellar den H'Nug).
  • Castellar den N’Hug, montain village, old renovated stone houses, magnificently situated by cliffs and mountains (35 km, 40 min. by car).
  • La Pobla de Lillet, picturesque village with ancient bridges and Romanesque churches. Market day on Saturdays. (25 km, 25 min. by car).
  • Berga, the major town of the area of Bergueda. Marked day on Saturdays. Frequent festivals and activities. (18 km, 25 min. by car)
  • Medieval bridge of Pedret and the church of San Quirze de Pedret (near Berga).
  • Church of San Salvador de la Vedella, Llobregat river and the reservoir (Embalse de la Baells). The town of Sant Salvador de la Vedella was flooded when the reservoir was built in 1976. The only remains is the church of Sant Salvador which dates back to year 830.  (10km, 20 min. by car).
  • Barcelona. (100 km, 1½ hour by car)
  • Andorra. (100 km, 1½ hour by car)


For families

Fumanya dinosaurs (2 km). This provides a panoramic view of thousands of traces of dinosaur footprints of various types and sizes preserved in the rock. The 3000 dinosaur footprints found at Fumanya place this site as the first in Europe and third in the world in number of tracks after the Lark Quarry (Australia) and Chaoyang (China).

Mining museum Cercs (5 km). Visit the coal mine and the museum.

Parc Aventura Pedraforca (12 km). Nature adventure park for kinds of outdoor activities including climbing, rappeling, maneuvering across bridges.

Fuives, donkey farm (25km). Farm for breed of the Catalan donkey. More than 150 donkeys in all ages. Guided tours can be arranged.