The route of the Good Men

The Cami dels Bons Homes is long distance trail that follows the migration routes used by the Cathars or 'good men' during the 12th and 14th centuries when they fled persecution by the crusaders and the Inquisition promoted by the Catholic Church with the aid of the King of France. The route (GR107), which can be travelled on foot, by horse or by mountain bike, is 189km long between Berga (Santuary of Queralt) and the castle of Montsegur in France.

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What Cal Barbut can offer

One stage on the route goes from Berga to Gosol which holds around 35km and a height difference of more than 1100m. Cal Barbut is a perfect possibility to break this long route in two even parts (Berga 15km, Gosol 19km).

Cal Barbut is a small pension with room for 12 guests. In peaceful surroundings, beautifully situated, and with magnificent views. Cal Barbut welcomes walkers, bikers and horsemen; dinner and breakfast can be served early, picnic can be arranged.

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How to get to Cal Barbut

Cal Barbut is situated 4km off the GR107. Leave the GR107 by Font de Cal Coix (0,5km from Peguera). Take the dirt road up following the signs of 'Figols'. 10 minutes up you will be at 'Pla de la Creu de Fumanya', a flat grass area with a sign post showing several directions for walks.  

  • Pick-up can be arranged at no extra charge. Go left in direction 'Figols per ctra. BV-4025' and await pre-arranged pick-up by the road.
  • 4km walk on road BV-4025 (1 hour downhill). Take the dirt road to your left when you reach Coll de la Creu de Fumanya. Direction 'Figols per ctra. BV-4025'. Turn right down the road in direction 'Figols'. Cal Barbut is between the 9 and 8 km road-sign on your left hand side.
  • 5-6km walk on path through valley (1,5 hours). Take the dirt road straight ahead when you reach Coll de la Creu de Fumanya. Direction 'Cami vell de Peguera - Figols 8km'. After 5min the dirt road turns sharply to right, take grass road down the left marked with yellow and white signs. A sign post indicates the direction of 'cami ral de Peguera a Sant Corneli - Figols 5,7km'. You reach a sign post in the valley at 'Saleres de la Creu'. Take either direction of 'Figols per ctra. BV-4025 / 5km', this will take you up to the asphalt road for 30 minutes track down road. Or take direction 'Figols 10km' and follow the valley. After approx. 30 minutes you reach another sign post at 'Peu de l'Obaga'. Turn left in direction 'Carretera BV-4025 / 2km', the dirt road will cross the valley again, and take you to the asphalt road. Turn right on the road downhill, and after 10 minutes you will reach Cal Barbut on your left.